5 Rarely Secured Items

There are a few typical home possessions that are commonly stolen, simply because they were not initially secured. These items tend to be overlooked from the protection protocol that more standard items are provided. From residential and commercial, here is a guide on the 5 most common unsecured items.


Jewelry can (and always should!) be preserved within shielded safes, but many people don’t take the essential security steps. Jewelry is frequently stored in unguarded, and obviously placed jewelry boxes, which, while luxurious, are out in the open and the primary object that thieves look for first. It is suggested to protecting your jewelry, further by taking out a jewelry insurance policy that covers the eventualities of loss or robbery.

Power Tools

Power tools are expensive but lack the prestige of high-tech electronics. Such gadgets are often left unguarded, in sheds or garages that are accessible from outdoors and often not even guarded with deadbolt locks.

First, secure all sheds and garages with effective locks, and store your expensive power tools in a locked container. Then, engrave all your power tools with your house number and name, or mark them thusly with an ultraviolet pen, to make it easier for them to be identified as stolen if a robber tries to resell them.


A new item to the theft game, medication can easily be stolen and re-sold on the black market. Pain medication is a popular target for burglars and is additionally dangerous when small children get a hold of them. Medicine cabinets should be inaccessible to kids and secured from the intrusive hands of potential criminals.

Password Information

 If you must store a document with all of your passwords protected, make sure it’s locked in extraordinary quality and secure safe (if it’s a physical document) or that it’s hidden behind an encrypted or password protected file folder if it’s digital information. Writing down your password and/or banking information is not recommended because this intrinsically exposes your information; this content is highly targeted by modern criminals.


Secure important and private documents; such items include birth certificates, tax returns, contracts, passports, or any other valuable and identity sensitive information. Remember, these documents need to be protected inside fireproof safes.

 If you find that you no longer need any of these documents, make sure to shred them; otherwise, this information is available for thieves, who will sort through trash in the hopes of gathering sensitive information for their own criminal benefit.

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