4 Steps for Property Managers to Get Organized


Whether you own one or numerous, managing properties seems to come with an everlasting list of responsibilities. From the needs of the tenants, adhering to property codes, and maintenance and repairs, there is just not enough time in the day.

Eliminate the hassle of disorganized keys with a Key Convenience System. No more tagging or hanging of keys to a giant collage of hooks.

Establishes this system in 4 Easy Steps:

1.    Get a box: Purchase a simple container with divided compartments inside.


2.    Get keys: You will need a set of original keys to match the number of dividers within the box. You can purchase new lock packages from your local hardware store. Once purchased, drop one of those keys in each slot within the container. Note * that each key has to be different for this to work.

3.    Make copies: You can achieve this step in various ways. Key copies can be made at Home Depot, Lowes, or even Walmart. Alternatively, purchasing your own copy machine could provide future convenience. You will want to create multiple copies of each key and place them in the specified section of the box with the original.

4.    Stamp keys: Using a metal stamp, label all the keys in reference to their section of the box. For example, label each key in section 1 with a one, then label each key in section 2 with a 2, and so one, until all keys are labeled with the section the coincide with in the container. You can buy metal stamps at Harbor Freight or Home Depot.

Once finished you've got a key system.  But, how does it work?

Assign a section of the box for every property you own and have your locksmith rekey those properties with the new keys. Each property should match a section within the container. Breaking this down property one will be paired with section one in the box; property two will be pared with section two, and so on until all your properties are matched with a box.

Yes, you will probably run out of boxes. So, then what will you do? You start all over again!

YES, that means multiple houses will be on the same key, but what you don't realize is that you are already doing this unintentionally. There are a limited amount of key combinations in the world, and they get reused over and over again. This way you are in control.

At Elmer’s Lock and Safe, we are happy to help with any of your re-key needs.  Please contact us for any locksmith needs.