Is a Locksmith Important for a Realtor?

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When asked most people would say a realtors’ primary job is to find their clients the right property at the right price. Yes, traditionally that is the job’s initial function. What most realtors do not recognize is the services they must provide beyond finding the right sell.

The ultimate goal is to look out for your clients while maintaining their buying and selling needs. Not merely selling them the house.

To do this above and beyond here are four essential tips about locks realtors should recognize. After all, no home is dependable without secure locks.


Most people know it is wise to change the locks when moving into a new home, mainly if owed previously, but few know that replacing the locks is not the only way to do this.

Replacing locks can be costly and time-consuming, as it requires purchasing and installing entirely new hardware. A much more cost-effective and straightforward solution is rekeying.

Re-keying is the process of reconfiguring the inner mechanisms of the existing locks, and new keys are cut to match the new configurations. Thus, making the old keys useless and the old locks secure as if they were new.

Rekeying is something every new homeowner should know, therefore, every realtor should also acknowledge. Don't just make your clients aware. Provide the service of rekeying as a practical, affordable, and memorable closing bound to leave your clients with a lasting positive impression.


Are any of your clients looking to purchase a second property?


If your clients own more than one home, rekeying can take a complex meaning. Imagine the simplicity of having one key for multiple properties. Alternatively, maybe they want-to-have a family members house rekeyed to the same key as their residence. No more worrying about remembering the right keys when heading to the family cabin or the stress of an oversized ring and being forced to cycle through ten keys before ever choosing the right one.

With rekeying, you no longer have to replace all of your locks to outfit them to work with the same key. Most latches can be easily reconfigured to match one key, eliminating any of the confusion or the hassle caused by managing multiple keys for multiple properties.

As a realtor, this handy advice is necessary to know, so you can pass the information on to your clients and help them to avoid potential frustration. It never hurts to be a knowledgeable resource for clients; it helps to foster better relationships, which often leads to return business.


Occasionally you will come across locks in a home that have no key. Missing keys can be frustrating for new owners needing access to whatever may be guarded by the lock.

It is not uncommon for keys to get misplaced during the stressful process of moving. Mailboxes, desks, cabinets, utility boxes, and garage doors all have locks, which often somehow find ways of wandering off. This occurrence should not mean your clients need to go around installing new locks on all their possessions.

People do not realize that locks can get decoded and new keys created to replace the lost ones. Certified and licensed locksmiths have the tools necessary to decipher the code for any given lock and cut a key that will open it. This suggestion can save your clients a great deal of time, money, and difficulty in the event of a missing key.


Your clients depend heavily on your expertise as they select a new home. To distinguish your brand, you can go above an beyond by providing a convenient and straightforward service. It may seem obvious, but locksmith practice is not common knowledge. Being aware of locks and security instills trust in your clients, thus, creating a lasting relationship.

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