How Deadbolts Help Deter Theft

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Deadbolts are also known as deadlocks and are one of the most recommended tools by locksmiths to prevent your property from being a victim of theft. It doesn’t require a spring and could only be opened through a knob or a key. However, the main difference with a common type of lock is that they cannot be tampered with a knife or some other type of an intrusion tool.

The Types of Deadbolts

There’re three different types of deadbolts which a locksmith sells:

1. Single Cylinder Deadbolt

The simplest of them all, it’s only opened on one side of the door. You’ve most certainly seen those in public restrooms.

2. Double Cylinder Deadbolt

Utilized in key doors and put on both sides of the door. While the latter shouldn’t be used in doors that have a breakable glass, these ones are perfect for such doors, as they actually require a key, thus a thief wouldn’t be able to break through them, however hinder the escape chances during emergency situations such as an earthquake or a fire.

3. Keyless Cylinder Deadbolt

Basically the same as the double cylinder, except they’re not opened with a key but with a different type of a sensor such as a fingerprint, face scan or a password and only require a button to be closed.

Advantages of Deadbolts Vs Thieves

As they are well fortified and produced from solid steel, it is extremely hard and borderline impossible to be broken through a forceful attack. Common door locks could easily be broken through the utilization of a crowbar or a tool called “The Bear Grip”, while a deadbolt is a whole different thing.

Furthermore, a deadbolt would require much more physical time, for the thief to go through, granting time for your security systems to react, which will mostly likely force the thief to run away from the venue.

Keep in mind, that even though we praise the deadbolt, there is no 100% guarantee that they will protect your home from intruders, however, they do significantly increase your chance of protection compared to other methods, and any locksmith would verify that.