Best Security to Protect Your House

If asked how secure your house belongings are, the first thing you think of is your door. Your door key is the second thing that you will want to ensure is safe. Before thinking of breaking the windows, thugs will first test to see if the door can be easily opened. They will then try out the lock and master door key that they have. Locksmith advice is that you get a door that will give you a sense of security while at home or when you are away. To achieve this, it is important that you learn more about door security. 

Choose the Right Material for the Door

The door should be made of a material that you trust is strong enough. When a door is made of strong material, it gets hard to break. Good material will also make your door last longer. Materials that wear out quickly should not be used on the door. This is because when the material ages, it will be weak and thus makes your property vulnerable to thieves.

Ensure The Door is Firmly Fixed 

A weak door can be easily pulled off from the wall letting in thugs. To be sure you are secure, it is important that you re enforce that door. Get proper screws that will hold deeper on the door. Also, ensure that all hinges are screwed firmly on the wall. All holes on the hinges need to have screws on them. Always consult a locksmith for advice when it comes to the best screws.

Get Proper and Secure Door Lock

Having a firmly fixed door that is made of best material, does not add up to proper security without a good lock. Consult your locksmith on the best choice of door lock that you should buy. Locksmith has a better know how and should be able to identify which locks are vulnerable to breaking. 

Keep Your Spare Door Key Safe.

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Always ensure that no one apart from the people you trust has the key to your door. Letting strangers carry or keep your door key is risky as they could use it to gain access to your house. The spare door key should be kept away when not needed. Thugs have a peculiar way of mastering your key pattern and getting a master door key to your door lock. 

Install Security Cameras Near/at The Door. 

As an enforcement measure, you can install CCTV cameras around the house and next to the door. Hire a reputable technician to install your CCTV cameras. Ensure that they cover the door well and you can be able to monitor who is accessing the door. 

Maintain the Door

Always ensure that the door is greased and well maintained. Regularly check the hinges and keep them oiled. In case your door shows any weak points, let them be fixed immediately. Your locksmith can also assist in checking the door lock to ensure it is safe and secure

Adhering to these security measures will give you a peace of mind whenever you are home or away from home.